Aquila KIDS Super Nylgut soprano ukulele strings

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  • Long lasting colourful ukulele strings
  • Colour coded to help children learn note names
  • Great immunity to changes in temperature and climate
  • Imitates the acoustic characteristics of gut strings
  • Italian made
Aquila Supernylgut strings are recognised far and wide as the ukulele strings of choice for the majority of players. As part of Aquila’s ongoing mission to bring music to all aspects of society, these new KIDS strings have all the tone characteristics of the Supernylgut sets but are supplied in bright colours to help young beginners learn the strings of their instrument. The use of colours in music education is already very common but had not translated to the ukulele fretboard until now. The coloured strings identify the open string notes:

A = Blue
E = Yellow
C = Red
G = Green

Now teachers can teach note recognition by colour and allow the whole class to progress quickly regardless of varying ability levels within their classes. Produced in Italy by Aquila using their own extruding machines, these well balanced string gauges are great for soprano ukuleles. Contact us to have a set fitted to your new ukulele before shipping!

The development of a new synthetic material that can imitate the acoustical characteristics of gut but without the typical defects such as high cost, short string life, and severe instability to changes of climate, has always been a fundamental goal of Aquila's research. Nylgut is the result and is a perfect synthesis of the acoustical properties of Nylon and of PVF strings. Nylgut's formula is protected by U.S. and International patents. 
  • Superior manufacturing
    and a quality finish

    All of our models feature quality components and specially selected materials to ensure long life and consistent tone.
  • Aquila Nylgut strings
    as standard

    Each ukulele comes fitted with Aqiula Nylgut strings as standard, the best in the world for intonation and tone
  • Durable and ready
    for anything

    You simply won’t find a better ukulele for beginners, and advanced players will also be pleasantly surprised at their quality.

What people are saying about our ukuleles

“I’d definitely recommend it to ukulele newcomers on a budget and I think it would make a very rugged uke for younger children” Ukulele Go!
“I really don't know how they do it for the price... in the contest of the Dolphin vs the Octopus... well, the Octopus wins!” Got A Ukulele