About Octopus

About us

The Octopus Ukulele brand was established in 2013, and our mission has been clear from the start – to provide top quality instruments which encourage a love for music making in newcomers of all ages. We constantly evaluate our product range, manufacturing processes, designs, and branding to ensure that the ukulele community can rely on Octopus!

Octopus Ukuleles is a British company, part of Frederick Hyde Music Distribution, established in the UK in 1990. Our factory is in China however everything else takes place in the UK under one roof, from research and development to marketing and design, packing and despatch. This close attention paid to every part of the process means we offer the very best instruments and a superb level of customer service. It also allows us to continue in our quest to make sure that every ukulele with the Octopus brand always are delivered to our customers playing perfectly.

Our Ukuleles

A quick online search for a ukulele will offer up many results selling for around £20 (or $30) and all looking very like each other. Playability, tone and appearance of many of these instruments is often inconsistent or questionable.

Why our ukuleles are better

Our instruments are designed and built to look good, feel nice to touch and play, and of course to sound great. Octopus are dedicated to making ukuleles that look great and are easy to play. Check out the many reviews from people who play our ukuleles such as ukulele master Andy Eastwood [add link to reviews]

To make a fine ukulele you need a good design, a modern production line, top-grade raw materials and components. It is also crucial to have unbeatable quality control. Our rigorous QC testing procedures are second to none - it is our aim that every ukulele leaving our factory is of excellent quality.

A significant aspect of Octopus ukulele production is how much of the process we complete by machine.

Our factory has invested heavily in researching and developing improved technologies, putting Octopus at the forefront of ukulele design and manufacture.  

Cutting and shaping the wood is entirely computerised. A particularly good example is how we manufacture the side board of our ukuleles.

Our hi-tech process allows us to create a strong and robust 2+1 layer ply side board. This added strength means that, unlike on some other ukes, there is not the need to brace the front and back of the instrument.

This results in a big improvement in potential sound quality, as well as an aesthetically pleasing instrument.

A look inside the body through the sound hole reveals a clean and neat interior, again helping the player to produce a bright pure tone.

Sanding and painting are also computerised processes, allowing for total consistency throughout the build.

Once painted, we dry the ukuleles in a dust-free environment – this guarantees a perfect finish on every instrument.

When the paint is dry, we use a laser cutter to remove the paint where the bridge is to be attached. The bridge is then glued ‘wood to wood’, creating a very strong bond. Using a laser cutter affords incredible precision to the task, so the area around the bridge is very neat and tidy.

The bridge is attached to the ukulele by an automatic gluing machine. The glue volume is always exactly the same on every instrument, and the positioning of the glue is also fixed.

Before ukuleles are packed in their boxes they are pre-tuned and play tested.

This automated process ensures that strings are pre-stretched and wound onto the machine heads correctly. A new Octopus ukulele requires very little tuning when taken out of the box for the first time, setting it apart from the majority of instruments out there!

Every conceivable part of the job of manufacturing an Octopus ukulele has been carefully considered, so that the instrument that gets taken out of the box is as good as it can possibly be.

We make Octopus Ukuleles to be enjoyed for a lifetime. This is due in no small part to a host of features rarely found in instruments in the Octopus’ price range.

  • The tuning pegs are geared like a guitar meaning the strings are easier to tighten and will hold their pitch for longer.
  • The classical guitar style bridge is accurately bonded directly to the body for excellent sound production and reliability.
  • The side walls of the body are fully lined for stability, sound projection and high-quality appearance.
  • Every edge and all the frets have been smoothed and finished to a standard higher than many more expensive instruments.

Each ukulele comes fitted with Aquila Nylgut® strings as standard, the best in the world for intonation and tone. Aquila produces approximately 300,000 ukulele strings in their Italian factory every day – that’s enough to re-string 75,000 Octopus ukuleles!

Octopus Ukuleles (student models) come supplied with a branded carrying bag, in strong water-resistant nylon with zipper opening. A convenient way to keep your instrument safe when on the move.

Taking Octopus to the next level!

As part of the continuing evolution of the Octopus Ukulele brand we are delighted to offer the Octopus Rosette – a next level instrument aimed at the intermediate player or adult beginner.

The Rosette is a truly stunning ukulele, immediately eye-catching thanks to the unique laser-etched pattern found on the body of the instrument. This visually appealing effect is usually something found on high-level instruments, so it adds a real stylish touch to your Octopus Rosette ukulele.

The Rosette boasts a number of significant enhancements over the Student model

  • The top, back and sides are of laminated open pore sapele wood, beautifully finished in a rich satin sheen
  • The solid laurel wood bridge and fingerboard are crafted from sustainably sourced wood
  • Silver chrome diecast tuners offer reliable and stable tuning in a striking shiny finish
  • We have used NuBone to make the nut and saddle. Nubone doesn't damp string vibration like plastic; instead, it transfers the optimum frequencies to the uke. In short, this helps produce more volume and a better tone.

Finally, a next-level ukulele deserves to be carried in a next-level gig bag! We have created a beautiful padded gig bag for the Octopus Ukulele, providing your instrument with the ultimate in protection.

Packed to always stand out as an Octopus

We supply our Octopus Ukuleles in smart colour boxes as we want our ukuleles to look as good on the outside as they sound inside.