We want to help children play musical instruments

Here at Octopus, we have developed an education grant program which can match up to your spend on ukuleles, pound for pound!

Music can play a big part in child development. It can be seen in the full range of skills that a child masters over their life span, including cognition (learning and problem solving), social interaction, communication skills, physical skills (fine motor and whole body), and sensory awareness. Learning a musical instrument can introduce skills for school readiness, and can ultimately help our bodies and minds work together.

Octopus are committed to help young children benefit from learning a musical instrument at an early age. Research shows that learning a musical instrument improves both cognitive and muscle memory, and assists in development of the left side of our brains. Learning to play a musical instrument such as the ukulele can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. It is great fun too.

The cost of good quality musical instruments can often be prohibitive however Octopus want to help.

With an Octopus Education grant, for every 10 ukuleles purchased directly from under the scheme you can apply for 5 more FREE OF CHARGE. Exclusively available to UK Music Hubs (and selected not-for-profit education clubs) we can help your budget go further – all you need to do is complete the form at the bottom of this page....

Octopus education grants are available when placing large orders for ukuleles direct from Octopus.
Minimum order purchase quantity is 60 instruments (thereby receiving 30 additional instruments free of charge, making a total of 90 ukuleles).

There is no limit to amount of grants and we hope to spread the benefit across the UK and Ireland.
Grant applications can only be submitted before or at the same time orders are placed.

Details for your music hub

Your details

Please tell us how you plan to use the ukuleles, for instance in school, ukulele groups or individual tuition, holiday projects etc. For example - We plan to give one ukulele to each child in year 7 over four schools as listed below - total 200 children with in-school tuition starting in the spring term etc...

Subject to order verification. Terms and conditions apply. Ukuleles purchased by you under the grant scheme will be invoiced at the prevailing single quantity price, regardless of the quantity ordered, and excludes any special offers or quantity break prices offered on this site or elsewhere. Orders may be subject to some supply limitations.

If you would like to discuss the Octopus Education Grant, please call us today or email us - we would love to hear from you!