Meet Andy Eastwood, yoUr new UkUlele tUtor

Andy Eastwood is a world-renowned entertainer and ukulele player. He read music at Oxford University where he graduated as their first musician ever to give a degree recital on the ukulele. Andy is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed all around the world, including appearances on BBC television. As part of his quest to demonstrate the ukulele’s worth as a ‘serious’ instrument Andy has released many CDs and DVDs including a suite of classical pieces arranged as challenging instrumental solos.

Octopus are delighted to be working in partnership with Andy on an ever-expanding series of videos, which we like to call the Octopus Ukulele Academy

UkUlele basics

In his first series of tuition videos Andy gets you started by covering topics such as tuning your ukulele, how to develop a good strumming technique, and understanding chord diagrams.

Skill bUilders

Lots more videos coming soon...

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