Rosette concert ukulele - wave motif


Rosette concert ukulele - wave motif

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  • Endorsed by renowned ukulele performer and teacher Andy Eastwood
  • Lazer etched designs on open pore natural sapele
  • Fitted with Aquila strings
  • Diecast silver chrome tuners
  • OctoWave headstock
  • Flat back and tie bar bridge
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Introducing the Octopus Rosette ukulele

A fabulous new addition to the Octopus range, the Rosette Series is here to take your playing to the next level. A continuation of the natural evolution of the Octopus brand, this ukulele is aimed at the intermediate player or adult beginner and is endorsed by renowned ukulele teacher and performer, Andy Eastwood.

A truly stunning ukulele, the Rosette series features two eye-catching, intricate laser etched designs. And with quality features such as a NuBone nut and saddle, Aquila Nylgut strings and chrome diecast tuners it also plays like a dream.

Octopus believes an instrument should encourage and inspire the player, which is something the Rosette range has no shortage of – you won’t want to put your ukulele down! Each ukulele also comes with a quality gig bag and is supplied in a colourful box.

Unique laser etched design

Inspired by our very own ‘Octopus’ brand, this ukulele design features ‘Kane’ the Octopus, as well as a variety of marine life and an intricate wave pattern surrounding the sound hole.

There are two designs available - see our full range for additional options.

Carefully selected materials

Octopus ukuleles are built to be enjoyed for many years to come. The top, back, and sides are made of laminated open pore sapele wood which has been sustainably sourced and beautifully finished in a rich satin sheen. The side walls are also fully lined to increase projection and produce a high-quality appearance.

Quality components

Each component has been carefully selected, delivering excellence in every instrument and ensuring durability and a consistent tone. A tie bar bridge is accurately bonded to the body for excellent sound production and silver chrome diecast tuners offer reliable tuning in a shiny finish. The side walls are fully lined for sound projection and a high-quality appearance.

The Octopus Ukulele Academy with Andy Eastwood

In addition to being an official endorsee of the Rosette Series, Andy Eastwood is also working in collaboration with Octopus to create a series of educational video content of which a selection is focussed specifically around the Rosette range. With lessons on basic skills, building new techniques, chord reading and more there is a lesson for everyone. To view this content, head to the Octopus Ukulele YouTube Channel.

Graph Tech NuBone XB

Nubone does not damp string vibration like plastic - instead, it transfers the optimum frequencies to the ukulele. This new material helps produce more volume and a better tone. Octopus Rosette ukuleles feature NuBone XB nuts and saddles as standard.

The nut on a ukulele determines how easy it is to fret notes, stop fret buzz, and affects the tone of all your open notes. Graph Tech’s expert engineering promises to deliver the perfect fit and aids accurate intonation.

The saddle is vitally important to the sound of your ukulele. It establishes the height of the strings and playing action, and also determines the overall tone and volume. In other words, which frequencies and harmonics are transferred from the string to the body of your uke, and what frequencies and harmonics remain vibrating in the string.

Graph Tech is the world's experts in nut and saddle design and materials and can be found fitted to many of the world’s biggest names in guitars and ukuleles.

Aquila Nylgut® strings

Each ukulele comes fitted with Aquila Nylgut® strings as standard - the best in the world for intonation and tone. Produced exclusively in Italy, the Aquila factory manufactures approximately 300,000 ukulele strings every day – that’s enough to re-string 75,000 Octopus ukuleles!

Free carry case with every instrument

A next-level ukulele deserves to be carried in a next-level gig bag! We have created a beautiful, padded gig bag for the Octopus Ukulele, providing your instrument with the ultimate protection. Finished off with bespoke Octopus zip pulls, each gig bag has a pair of adjustable integrated backpack straps.

Size and range

Concert ukuleles are slightly larger and longer than the standard soprano at 23in (58cm), and they have a few extra frets on the neck meaning a slightly larger range. Also, the extra size makes the concert have a louder and fuller sound as well as allowing for more space between the strings.

TopLaminated Sapele
Back & SidesLaminated Sapele
NeckSolid Okoume
Fingerboard & BridgeLaurel
Nut & SaddleGraph Tech Nubone XB
TunersSilver chrome diecast geared machine heads
FinishOpen pore
Bag padding10mm
Body thickness75mm
  • Superior manufacturing
    and a quality finish

    All of our models feature quality components and specially selected materials to ensure long life and consistent tone.
  • Aquila Nylgut strings
    as standard

    Each ukulele comes fitted with Aqiula Nylgut strings as standard, the best in the world for intonation and tone
  • Durable and ready
    for anything

    You simply won’t find a better ukulele for beginners, and advanced players will also be pleasantly surprised at their quality.

What people are saying about our ukuleles

“I’d definitely recommend it to ukulele newcomers on a budget and I think it would make a very rugged uke for younger children” Ukulele Go!
“I really don't know how they do it for the price... in the contest of the Dolphin vs the Octopus... well, the Octopus wins!” Got A Ukulele