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You’ll be amazed by Octopus ukuleles whatever your age or skill level. Our instruments are manufactured to the highest standards but remain decidedly affordable, making them perfect for all players. We use specialist technology and advanced production techniques to craft our range of ukuleles which has taken the musical ukulele world by storm.

We concentrate on what’s most important – making music makers! Playing comfort and enjoyment are the foundation of ukulele playing. So, what are you waiting for, start your Octopus adventure today!


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Affordable yet manufactured to the highest standards

Octopus Academy ukuleles are embraced by teachers, ukulele clubs and the ukulele community at large. Developed by musicians, the core aim of these models is to encourage and inspire new players as they fret the first chords on their ukulele journey.

If you’re looking for a reliable first instrument, you’ve found it. Our factory specialises in selecting quality components, with advanced production processes providing consistent quality every time you pick up your Octopus ukulele.

Do you need a ukulele in your favourite colour to express your personality? No problem, it’s what we do. Our Academy range boasts over 20 colours and styles to suit every taste. The perfect ukulele is waiting for you to find it.

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FREE gig bag

Ukuleles are great to take with you on holiday, hiking, to the beach… wherever the music takes you. With our handy carry case you won’t miss out on a spontaneous jam!

Playability is key

We take great care and pride in our Academy series, which have been designed to produce a musically satisfying tone and playing experience to open the doors to a lifetime of enjoyment.


Our tie bar bridge design, directly bonded to the body helps the vibrations travel from the strings into the instrument. The side walls have been fully lined for excellent sound projection.

Quality control

Several quality checks along the production line, with final inspection before they are boxed up ready to meet their player. Frets, edges, paint finishes and fittings are all carefully checked.

The perfect ukulele for beginners

Sounding great and looking amazing are just two of the ways that Octopus Academy instruments provide the ideal springboard for a new musical adventure. These instruments are built to last and keep inspiring players with every strum. Our goal is to turn ukulele owners into ukulele players!

Octopus supporting your journey

First and foremost, we provide a reliable instrument to learn your craft and develop your skills.

Having covered this important aspect, the next step is to provide learning resources and support to fuel enjoyment and creativity. Your first few chords are printed right on the box, and thereafter you can join our Octopus Ukulele Academy on YouTube. Hosted by ukulele virtuoso Andy Eastwood who performs around the world and has released many CDs and DVDs, you will learn how to take care of your instrument and develop the skills that Andy has spent his playing career perfecting. This completely free resource is yours to access whenever and wherever you have an internet connection.

The making of an Octopus

The perfect step-up ukulele

Rosette from Octopus is aimed at the progressing student, older beginner, guitarists converting to the 4-string scene as well as parents with ukulele envy! All the features that have made the Academy series so successful are present: attention to detail and build quality, Aquila Supernylgut strings and of course the distinctive OctoWave headstock shape. Setting these models apart is the upgraded hardware, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the branded decorative designs. Also included in the package is a deluxe case with 10mm dense padding and adjustable straps for utmost carrying comfort.

Octopus believes an instrument should encourage and inspire the player, which is something the Rosette range has no shortage of – you won’t want to put your ukulele down!

The packaging also includes some more advanced chord boxes to help impress your peers at ukulele club as well as keeping up with Andy Eastwood and the Octopus Ukulele Academy tuition series on YouTube.

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Body of work

Open pore natural sapele wood adorned with laser etched patterns around the sound hole gives a laid back yet sophisticated aesthetic appeal. The sapele body also adds warmth to the sound.

Attention to detail

Graph Tech Nubone XB nut and saddle on a Rosette uke provide great sustain and a rich tone while Silver chrome diecast geared machine head tuners elevate the appearance and tuning experience.

Size matters

Octopus Rosette ukuleles are available in soprano, concert, and tenor sizes. There is even an electro-acoustic model in each size, providing further performance and recording possibilities.

Luxury gig bags

10mm padding, twin Octopus branded straps, heavy duty Octopus zip pulls, and a luxurious interior lining. There’s even a zip-up pocket on the front for spares, picks and whatever else.

Take your playing to the next level with the Octopus Rosette

The additional sustain of the Nubone XB nut and saddle lend depth to your playing, and with your Rosette ukulele in hand it’s time to take the next steps in technique and chord vocabulary. You will now be ready for the Skill Builders level of our Octopus Ukulele Academy

Endorsed by ukulele teacher & performer Andy Eastwood

One of the most telling signs of a quality product is the endorsement of specialists in the field, and Octopus is proud to work with Andy Eastwood. Known as “the busiest man in showbusiness”, Andy frequently checks in with us from backstage dressing rooms and cruise ships around the world! When we first sent Andy a selection of Rosette ukuleles he was immediately taken by the sound and look of the series, and when we told him the price point, he was blown away. We know that many of our Octopus Associates are happy recommending the Rosette series for their advancing students, and that means the world to us.

Octopus associates

The pinnacle of Octopus ukulele

Octopus has always been dedicated to giving ukulele players the best possible start in the ukulele journey. Now, with the Premium range we can continue the relationship with our players at the highest levels. These models have been created to meet the demands of players, teachers, performers and recording artists in any number of musical settings. These small batch, artisanal models also allow our highly trained ukulele makers to put their experience and expertise into each instrument.

We offer eye-catching special woods, responsive and expressive solid tops, and our most luxurious all solid body instruments within this range.

Premium from Octopus allows the brand to connect directly with the top players and specialists in the ukulele scene as well as nurturing talent which has developed through our Academy and Rosette instruments and is now ready to emerge into the spotlight.

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Selected tone woods

In this range you will find ziricote and ebony, mango spruce and cedar solid tops as well as all solid acacia and mahogany instruments, hand-picked for their tonal and aesthetic characteristics.

Hand crafted

Every Octopus is cared for at each stage of the build, but there is a much more personal connection between craftsman and instrument with these small batch, boutique models.

Premium components

Tuning pegs, sound hole inlays and onboard EQ systems have been carefully matched to each model. Every aspect of these instruments will delight the senses.

Exquisitely finished

Attention to detail is a hallmark of Octopus production across the range. We apply high gloss finish where it will enhance the instrument and choose to leave others in their natural, beautiful state.

Professional level instruments

Octopus has invested our years of expertise and experience in the ukulele market into these professional level instruments. Throughout our range, we know what players need from their instrument and what the instrument needs to do in order to support the player.

The right uke for the job

The ukulele is a fantastically versatile instrument and speaks many musical languages. Whether it be Andy Eastwood’s interpretations of classical masterpieces, Sir Paul McCartney live at Glastonbury or the late George Formby cleaning windows, this cultural staple of Hawaii has an incredibly broad range. This explains why we have assembled such a diverse collection of models, whatever the situation requires Octopus has the right instrument for you.

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Take care of your instruments wherever you are

Ukuleles are a fantastic resource for your school music department. As an instrument, the initial learning curve has a number of easily accessible checkpoints which helps to keep young musicians enthusiastic and looking forward to the next lesson. Once you’re equipped with your instruments, the next question is where to keep them. Octopus has the answer:

We make multiple ukulele stands for 3, 5 or 10 ukuleles. Superb for classroom storage, or for showcasing your impressive personal collection of instruments, an Octopus multiple ukulele stand keeps ukes neat, tidy, safe, and ready to play. These stands have high end foam padding on all contact points as well as non-slip rubber feet, and the clever folding design allows for easy transport and storage.

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Digital tuner

The OC-440 Octopus clip-on chromatic tuner is designed to provide accurate tuning for a wide range of instruments. It features specific modes for tuning a ukulele, guitar, bass and violin, although the 'chromatic mode' will enable you to tune almost any instrument - so long as there's a place to clip it on!

Single uke stands

Featuring a stylish and durable wooden construction, this convenient stand is the perfect stand for your Octopus ukuleles. Whether you are displaying your ukulele collection at home or need an easy storage solution for your stage performances, the wooden ukulele stand from Octopus will keep your instrument safe.

Ukulele plectrums

These plectrums from Octopus have been custom design especially for ukulele and nylon string guitar. Made from a high quality compressed synthetic wool, each pick features a rounded tip for smooth and consistent playing. Two varieties are available: soft and medium, both supplied as a pack of 3 with a range of thicknesses so you can achieve a fantastic variety of tone with just one pack.

Protected on the move with quality gig bags for every player

It’s very common for ukuleles to be supplied with a carry case or bag, and of course Octopus is no exception here. As a result, a lot of ukulele players end up with similar looking bags. For those who want a degree of greater personal expression from the gig bag, Octopus has a range of patterned fabric gig bags available which combine stylish design with protective padding to keep your treasured instrument safe in transit.

Schools and ukulele clubs may choose to adopt a particular style or pattern to give their instruments a uniform look, and they also make a fantastic gift for the ukulele enthusiasts in your life.

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“I’d definitely recommend it to ukulele newcomers on a budget and I think it would make a very rugged uke for younger children” Ukulele Go!
“I really don't know how they do it for the price... in the contest of the Dolphin vs the Octopus... well, the Octopus wins!” Got A Ukulele
“As soon as it’s out of the box it plays really well and sounds really good. One of the biggest things for me is that the frets are dressed beautifully, these ukuleles are really well built and have a great tone” Todd Lorenc, Ukulele performer and teacher
“Octopus ukuleles are not only great value but also great quality too. Our young students love the bright colours, and our adults love learning on the concert sized ukuleles. Would recommend to any ukulele groups!” Scotland Ukulele Project

The best education ukulele

Octopus are committed to help young children benefit from learning a musical instrument at an early age. Research shows that learning a musical instrument improves both cognitive and muscle memory and assists in development of the left side of our brains. Learning to play a musical instrument such as the ukulele can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning, and literacy skills. It is great fun too.

Our Academy series in particular is a great choice for music education. These ukes have been developed to be comfortable to play with accurate intonation and highly stable tuning. A number of teachers and tuition methods also favour the Aquila KIDS colour strings which we fit to our UK206-NAT model. The strings have the tonal properties of the SuperNylgut sets, but with the addition of coloured pigment to easily tell the strings apart from one another. This can really help to level the playing field in large group tuition settings by adding colour recognition into the learning toolkit.

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Get involved with the Octopus Ukulele online community

Here at Octopus, we love to hear what you all get up to with your ukuleles out in the wild! There are several ways to interact: You can find us on Instagram & Facebook, the best channels to hear about new and upcoming product releases, learn something new with our ‘Ukulele Facts’ series, and watch previews of our YouTube content. We love to get involved with our the community and if you tag us will always repost and share!

YouTube is the online home of the Octopus Ukulele Academy where you can study with our ukulele expert Andy Eastwood!